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Here you will find a wealth of information on the topic of HDTV (High Definition TV), Digital TV and its associated products.

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Is to provide you with a (reliable) resource of essential (useful) information about the basics of Digital TV and HDTV.

And the good news is... it doesn’t require a degree in TV Technology! Our approach to Digital HDTV is to have the view of the "Non-Tech" consumer. As much as possible, we try to leave the "technology-stuff" (and this covers a lot of 'Stuff'!) for the "tech-types" to take care of.

When you have made your choice, give a thought to using your new HDTV and watch all your favorite shows.

We believe you're interested in what you need to know, to buy and enjoy a Digital-High Definition TV – NOT, how to build one! This involves finding your way through, the "Digital TV Maze" And it can be rough going without a map. However, this site can be a your guide, to help you navigate your way through the 'maze'.

This means, You don't have to endlessly search the WWW (worldwide web); weed out all the dead-links, or sort through unrelated and out-dated articles. Nor will you have the hassle of deciphering pages of Technical Data - just to find out the difference between DTV and HDTV.

HDTV InfoPort does the searching for you, filters out the noise and decodes the 'tech-speak.' The results are provided here - in one place - giving you a single resource where you can easily access the information you want.

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